NAV consulting

Navision consulting is a service intended for potential and current users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The first phase of the implementation of an information system in a business is the choice of a business solution. Business solution users are most often not IT experts and are left on their own when choosing a business system, so their decision is usually based on salesman skills of the implementers of a specific system, rather than on its adequacy. The opinion of an independent IT expert can be of great help when choosing an information system.

Project management requires that the client hire a person of multi-disciplinary education and experience, which covers the fields of economics (primarily accounting and finance), organization (business procedures and management), and computer science (for understanding the solutions offered by the information system). Most often companies do not have staff who fit the bill, so the project manager specializes in one of the aforementioned fields, which often leads to later problems in the workings due to an insufficient compatibility of the business system with the needs of the business. We offer the service of managing the project to ensure an efficient use of Navision from the very beginning.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a highly adaptable business system, and the implementers are prone to creating various additional functions by request. This often results in later issues with maintenance, transition to newer versions, and opportunity to choose a partner who will maintain Navision. That is why it is equally important to adapt NAV to the organization of the business, as well as the organization of the business to NAV when implementing the system. If NAV does not satisfy most of the problems of the business with its standard functions, cancelation on time or a reconsideration of the needs of the business can ensure significant savings of money and time.

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